Schiff Kicks Off 2nd LIVE Hearing – GOP Tries To Obstruct In Seconds


Adam Schiff just began the second LIVE impeachment hearing, including testimony from fired ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, whom America has been waiting to hear from ever since news broke that Trump removed her from her post because she refused to fall in line with his corrupt foreign maneuvers.

As Schiff began his opening statement, Republicans in the room immediately began to interrupt, asking for a moment to speak. Schiff calmly shut them down with his gavel, and after a few attempts, they let him finish his opening statement in peace.

Then Schiff moved on to the backstory of Marie Yovanovitch, a Canadian born child of refugees who’d escaped the nazis, become a naturalized American at 18, and served as ambassador to the U.S. on three separate occasions. Yovanovitch has also been nominated by presidents on both sides of the aisle.

Check out the awkward hearing below:

People watching the video on Twitter went ballistic immediately at the gall of Republicans who think they can hijack a hearing they aren’t even in control of. The responses the tweet above garnered speak volumes of the corruption in Trump’s Administration, as well as the anger of the American people.

Check out the best reactions below: