Trump Goes On Angry Twitter Spree After Yovanovitch Hearing


This Friday, President Donald Trump faced the second public hearing that’s a part of the ongoing House Democrat-led impeachment inquiry. House investigators hosted former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, who shared her perspective on the president’s scheme to get Ukraine to produce dirt on the Bidens and fire her because his cronies claimed she was in the way. Towards the hearing’s beginning, he claimed on Twitter that somehow, Yovanovitch was personally tied to political unrest in places like Somalia. Following the testimony, Trump got on Twitter to retweet eighteen supportive messages and counting from Republican members of Congress, the vast majority of whom have fallen in line behind the easily contestable narrative that Trump’s innocent.

An example message from New York’s Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin used familiarly outlandish frames of reference for Democrats daring to respond to the president’s incessant attempts to use the power of the presidency for personal purposes. Zeldin wrote:

‘History is going to be so MASSIVELY unkind towards Pelosi, Schiff and the rest of Congressional Democrats who continue supporting this impeachment charade.’

This is — just to be clear — the president of the United States resorting to this over the top, almost apocalyptic rhetoric just because House Democrats are hosting an investigation into something he very clearly did, according to evidence that even the White House itself released!

That batch of material includes the call record of Trump’s July phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who he — right there for all the world to see! — asked to investigate the Bidens and a completely baseless conspiracy theory that a Democratic email server had (somehow!) ended up in Ukraine.

Check out Twitter’s response below…