Trump Screams At Reporters Over Yovanovitch Questions


The president is seriously unhappy with the outcome of today, which led to multiple disruptions of the impeachment proceeding by Republicans, and even a standing ovation for the ambassador that he fired, Marie Yovanovitch. Trump attacked Yovanovitch on Twitter all morning, and was even called out by Adam Schiff during the hearing for “witness intimidation in real time.”

Then, the president held meeting with the press Friday afternoon in which he took questions from reporters. The journalists present asked the obvious question, do you think you are guilt of witness intimidation after attacking today’s witness on Twitter as she gave her testimony.

It started when Trump wrongly claimed that Republicans were not allowed to speak at today’s hearing:

“We have the right to speak! i have freedom of speech just as other people do but they have taken away the Republicans rights. I watched today as certain very talented people, who wanted to ask questions, and they weren’t even allowed to ask questions, Republicans. They weren’t allowed to ask questions.”

Iconic reporter April Ryan wasn’t intimidated. She asked the president bluntly if he thought he had tried to commit a crime, to which Trump answered with attitude:

“I just want to have a total, I want freedom of speech!. That is a political process. The Republicans have been treated very badly.”

When Ryan tried to ask a second question, Trump quickly shot her down, shouting, “Quiet, quiet quiet!”

Check out the video below:

People on Youtube, watching the video of Trump flipping out had plenty to say about the president’s ridiculous behavior. Check out those comments via