Elise Stefanik’s Impeachment Outburst Just Backfired Spectacularly


On Saturday, in a fiery exchange during impeachment proceedings, GOP Congresswoman Elise Stefanik repeatedly interrupted Senator Adam Schiff, when she wasn’t recognized to speak.

Afterward, she finally followed procedure and stopped trying to bully her way around the rules of the proceedings, but her actions did NOT go unnoticed by prominent Republican attorney, George Conway, who took to Twitter and shredded Stefanik, calling her “lying trash” and then donating $2800 to Tedra Cobb, Stefanik’s Democratic challenger.

Ms. Cobb then announced that her donations had soared today, reaching over $500k, $200k more than she had raised earlier on Saturday.

But that didn’t stop Stefanik from scrambling to convince her base that her side was “WINNING,” even though it was clearly proven otherwise that she was not, in fact, “winning…”

The thirsty Congresswoman took to twitter with this ridiculous post:

As you might expect, the Twitterverse was quick to correct her! Check out some of these responses:

We really hope Stefanik reads her Twitter comments.

Featured image via screenshot.