Kellyanne Conway Throws Desperate Tantrum On Network TV


Kellyanne Conway and her alternative facts went on CNN Thursday morning to talk more nonsense and confuse even more people in the south and midwest. Conway is not exactly known for her integrity, so the fact that her husband trolls the president, and in turn, his own wife on the news and social media almost daily.

Kellyanne hates it when people bring up the diabolical situation she’s in, especially because the couple has multiple small children still in the home and probably likes to put on a facade for them like she does for Republicans. Unfortunately for her, she’s one of the most hated people in politics right now, so it’s highly unlikely that her children will not see the true colors of their mother.

Like the interview Kellyanne gave Thursday morning with Wolf Blitzer of CNN. Kellyanne was seemingly in a bad mood from the start, but what’s new these days. Her hatred for CNN and inability to realize they bring her on JUST to make her look stupid made for an interesting segment this morning.

It all started when Blitzer brought up Kellyanne’s husband. Kellyanne flipped out at the mere mention of a clip of George Conway criticizing the president Wednesday during the LIVE impeachment proceedings.

Conway retaliated:

“It’s the same stuff all the time. What you just quoted is said every day by other voices but you wanted to put it in my husband’s voice because you think somehow that that will help your ratings or that you’re really sticking it to Kellyanne Conway.”

Um, duh. (It’s her first day on the planet, so she’s just figuring out how the media works.)

Blitzer responded:

“It’s a sensitive question and it’s a political question. It’s a substantive question. I don’t want to talk about your marriage, I know there are issues there. Your husband, George Conway, is a lawyer —”

Kellyanne interrupted with:

“What did you just say?. No, no, no. Did you just say there are issues there? You don’t want to talk about my marriage but –”

Wolf then says:

“I don’t want to talk about your marriage.”

Kellyanne comes back with:

“So before you play the clip, which I haven’t seen. Why? And why are you doing that?”

Blitzer, with a dose of reality, explained:

“Because he’s a legal scholar, he’s a lawyer was really going after the president of the United States and he was all over television yesterday.”

After the clip played, Kellyanne said she was “embarrassed” for CNN, and if that isn;t ironic enough for you, she continued:

“Where is the shame, where is the introspection.”


Kellyanne continued ranting:

“I don’t think MSNBC was lacking in anti-Trump voices.”

“I think you embarrassed yourself and I’m embarrassed for you because this is CNN now?” she continued. “I looked up to you when I was in college and law school, I would turn on CNN to see what Wolf Blitzer had to say about war, famine, disruption abroad. I really respected you for all those years as someone that would give you the news and now it’s what somebody’s husband says.”

The reason Kellyanne is so flipped out this morning is that her husband spent the entire day yesterday bashing the president on major network news knowing that it would come back to haunt his wife.

He doesn’t care, do you?

The short answer is no.

This is what George said yesterday:

“Take that Republican hat off and look at it neutrally. Look at what you would have done if Donald Trump were a Democrat. Would you be making these ridiculous arguments about process?”

Check out the very awkward exchange below via Twitter:

People responding to the tweet inline were sick and tried of the same old game from Kellyanne Conway, and they let her know in the comment thread Check out the top reactions below:

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