Kellyanne’s Husband Sends Max Donation To Stefanik Competitor


It isn’t a surprise that Congressional Democrats and Republicans have been sharply divided, but some Republicans have become critical of their own these days.

On Saturday, George Conway, a conservative lawyer who happens to be presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway’s husband, tweeted harsh criticism of Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) for deliberately breaking House procedural rules. Conway has been a strong critic of the Trump administration.

Stefanik had complained that Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) was refusing to let her speak, which was considered to be a student in order to gain attention from the right-wing media. Conway went so far as to call her “lying trash” and even solicited donations for her Democratic opponent,  Tedra Cobb.

Then, he followed up with proof that he gave the legal maximum to Cobb’s campaign.


Here’s what the rest of Twitter had to say:

Just a few hours later, Tedra Cobb tweeted that they had surpassed $300,000 in donations since Stefanik’s rant on national television.

Many others chimed in that they would donate including a Republican woman from Louisiana who said:

‘This Republican from Louisiana just donated to Tedra Cobb. Vote blue!!’

Republicans are slowly beginning to turn on Mr. Trump as well as the impeachment probe continues. Now that GOP operative Roger Stone was found guilty on seven charges, Trump’s fate may be spelled out soon.

Rep. Stefanik has emerged in the impeachment hearings as a key defender of Trump. According to The Houston Chronicle:

‘Her performance Friday caught Trump’s attention: In remarks at the White House before the hearing ended, Trump lamented to reporters that “certain very talented people weren’t even allowed to ask questions,” a reference to Stefanik – though she actually asked numerous questions later in the hearing. Trump also retweeted a video clip posted to Stefanik’s account showing the exchange with Schiff.’

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube