Trump Quotes Pill Addict On Twitter During Panicked Morning


The president has been abusing his Twitter powers a lot more in recent weeks, and it’s mainly because of the Ukraine scandal that’s making him so crazy. Trump knows he’s really messed up this time, and that there’s no amount of money or lawyers that can get him out of it. Everyone around Trump is also finding themselves on the wrong side of the law, including the most recent, Roger Stone, who was found guilty on seven counts.

You would be freaking out on Twitter if you were Trump to because you wouldn’t have a single soul who cared enough about you to comfort you in your times of woe. Check out the mess Trump is creating online:

People took notice of the president’s desperation, and decided to make a spectacle of his Twitter page because, after all, that’s all citizens have the power to do right now. You can see just how disgusted people are with the president in the comments below: