Trump Voter Smacked With Scooter During ‘Bloody Brawl’ Outside Presidential Event


Donald Trump’s followers compare him to God. That is a hard pill to swallow for the rest of the country. POTUS reveals in the adoration and encourages brawling inside and out of his rallies. That backfired today.

Eight candidates for the presidential election in 2020 attended a forum in the Long Beach Arena. The host was Univision. There were some audio problems at first, but the event began right at 4 p.m. Pacific Time Zone.

Long Beach, California held a convention this weekend before things turned bad:

‘Long Beach this weekend is hosting some 5,000 Democratic delegates, activists, media and others for the party’s endorsing convention, which lasts through Sunday. The Long Beach Post will be providing live updates throughout the weekend.’

The LBPD said that it was “committed to ensuring everyone’s 1st Amendment right (of free speech and gathering to protest), according to The Long Beach Post:

‘…is committed to ensuring everyone’s 1st Amendment rights, but we also want to remind you that any violence of any kind will not be tolerated in our community.’

Some of the candidates responded to reporters’ questions in a redelegated “spin room.” One of the candidates Cory Booker said he would protest should the U.S. Supreme Court kill off DACA:

‘When I’m your president, I will make sure every DACA student and their families will have a path to citizenship.’

Reporters swarmed popular Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), following her to the event’s stage. She said:

‘Justice is on the bill for 2020.’

Mayor Pete Buttigieg noted that America should “ban the sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines.” He said:

‘The things I trained on in the military have no business being in the community.’

Presidential candidate and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Barack Obama from 2014 to 2017, Senator Julian Castro (D) commented, wishing more Latinos would become involved in politics:

“We need you. We need more people running for office. Latinos reflect the present and future of California.’

About a dozen Trump supporters came to the convention center and used bullhorns and signs to make their point. They chanted:

‘Four more years!’

Two men came up to the Trump supporters, and the people started arguing. At this point, there is no information about who started the physical fight.

One of the anti-Trump protesters hit the fighting Trump supporter in the face with a manual scooter.

Raul Rodrigues Jr. said two men began “harassing him.” The man held a “Reelect Trump” sign. Rodrigues said:

‘It happened really fast.’

Trump supporters clashed with anti-Trump supporters in a bloody brawl about 11:25 a.m. (Pacific Time) on Ocean Blvd at these the #CADEM2019:

‘Trump supporters gathering outside the #cadem2019 in front of the Long Beach Convention Center. Go to @LongBeachPost for full coverage.’

According to Rodriguez, the two men started “harassing” him and the other Trump supporters. At that point, Rodriguez said he turned on his bullhorn siren and pushed it right into the other man’s face. Then, the man grabbed it.

After that, the man “took a swing” at him and another Trump supporter. In response, they defended themselves.

Witness and independent conservative runs a show called That’s the Point on YouTube, Brandon Recor, was covered in blood as he tried to separate the three men. He claimed the anti-Trumpers began the fight.

Photojournalist Stephen Carr tweeted his photos of a gathering that fell into a skirmish. The LBDP quickly broke it up.

Trump supporters clash with anti-Trump supporters in a bloody brawl on Ocean Blvd at these the #CADEM2019′

Reporter for the Long Beach Post Valerie Osier tweeted:

‘Theres’ a police presence on Ocean bc there was a fight at a small Trump supporter rally outside the CA Democratic Convention. A witness told me a man from the rally and another man from outside the rally were arguing when the guy hit the Trump supporter, bloodying his face.’

The Long Beach Police arrested all three of them. They were charged with “suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon that was not a firearm,” according to the LBPD spokeswoman  Arantxa Chavarria. She said that two of the suspects were taken to a local hospital for lacerations.

‘The victim is being treated by paramedics now. I see at least one person being put in handcuffs.’

The LBPD released an update on a bloody brawl outside of the Univision Convention Center. Their live updates report that they had “3 suspects in custody:”

At around 11:25AM we responded to the area of Pine/Ocean for reports of a fight. 3 suspects in custody. #LBPD

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