Pence Throws His Top Security Aide Under The Bus For Testifying


Vice President Mike Pence stares adoringly at the president in all of their photographs. This unusual vice president is a believer in using federal funding to treat people “seeking to change their sexual behavior.” That may or may not be interpreted as gay conversion therapy. Perhaps, Pence adores Trump as a father-figure or an idolized big brother.

It was an entirely different situation with one of his top security aides Jennifer Williams. Pence and his wife aka “Mother” have an unusual marriage. The vice president has not been allowed to be alone in a room with a woman without Mother present.

Trump has been attacking Williams for working with the House impeachment inquiry. He called her a “Never Trumper,” after she said that his July call to the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was “unusual and inappropriate,” according to The Slate magazine.

She has been on the schedule to testify before the House Tuesday. However, she has already testified in a closed-door setting, and Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) released that transcript this weekend.

The U.S. commander-in-chief tweeted Sunday that she should read transcripts from both of Trump’s phone calls to Zelensky (April 21, 2019 and July 25, 2019). The Trump administration released a summary of the first call, and Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) read it aloud before the House committee. Then, Trump tweeted:

‘Then she should meet with the other Never Trumpers, who I don’t know & mostly never even heard of, & work out a better presidential attack!’

As Williams testified in private, she spoke about POTUS’ “unusual and inappropriate request to manipulate Ukraine into opening an investigation into one of his political opponents. She noted:

‘[This] shed some light on possible other motivations [for Trump’s order to withhold the military aid.’ I found the specific references to be — to be more specific to the president in nature, to his personal political agenda, as opposed to a broader … foreign policy objective of the United States.’

Trump also attacked career servant and top diplomat in Ukraine, Ambassador William Taylor, and State Department official George Kent as being “Never Tumpers.” He even called his top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman a “Never Trumper.” Members of the State Department are notoriously apolitical.

Pence’s office did not respond to requests for him to defend Williams. His press secretary said only:

‘Jennifer is a State Department employee.’


That was an odd comment given that she had been “detailed to the Vice President’s office, according to one of CNN’s Jeremy Diamond’s tweets:

‘She is the Vice President’s special adviser on Europe & Russia.’

Trump has been enraged with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s seeming inability to keep his people from testifying and for even hiring them in the first place. The witnesses from State honored the subpoenas sent by the impeachment staff earlier.

The U.S. president committed a huge gaffe when he tweeted against former top ambassador to Ukraine, Marie (Masha) Yovanovitch during her testimony before the House. When the House Intelligence Committee chair Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) asked her how she felt about the tweet, Yovanovitch replied that it was “intimidating.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Trump’s tweet was:

‘[T]otally wrong and inappropriate and typical of the president.’

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