Trump Devolves Into Chaos After Major GOP Election Losses


Trump and his GOP are in for a seriously rude awakening in 2020 if the recent governors’ races taking place all across the country are any indication of what is to come for Republicans. The severe loses are being played off by conservatives, and even ignored outright, and who can blame them for it? One thing they can be blamed for, however, is bringing it all on themselves.

The staunch support of a president under multiple investigations, both state and federal, has made American voters shy away from the party of “family values,” leaving them to vote for the moderate or left-leaning candidate almost every time.

According to Washington Post:

When Kentucky’s Republican governor lost his bid for reelection two weeks ago despite President Trump’s active endorsement, the president and his allies brushed it off by declaring that Trump had nearly dragged an unpopular incumbent across the finish line.

On Sunday, a day after another Trump-backed GOP gubernatorial candidate fell in Louisiana, the president and his surrogates barely mounted a defense.

In a barrage of 40 tweets and retweets by Sunday evening, Trump didn’t mention Eddie Rispone’s loss to Gov. John Bel Edwards (D), even though the president had held two campaign rallies in the state in the 10 days before the election aimed at boosting his chances.

Trump is currently freaking out on Twitter about anything BUT the loses. This is what he tweeted Monday morning:

They don’t want to bring any attention to these failed races for fear that they will lose control of the narrative for uneducated Americans. See, under Trump, the new party motto is, “if you ignore it, it didn’t happen.” Many Republicans employ this thinking, including Jim Jordan, who allegedly covered up the rape and molestation of college athletes over the course of a decade during his time as assistant coach at the Ohio State University.

The report continues:

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel — who had publicly praised Trump after the Kentucky elections in which the GOP won five other statewide races — also was mum on Louisiana.

This is also not shocking, as Ronna McDaniel is constantly being retweeted by the president, she has to be mindful of the things she tweets. McDaniel, who sold out her entire gender to be a puppet for an alleged rapist and admitted molester.

Steve Scalise, another derp Trump retweets a lot, went on Fox News Sunday to explain and sympathize with the much-hated president, saying: “What he said was he’d be made to look bad whether he came in the state or not.” Is it just me, or are they starting to talk like Trump too?

WaPo reports that:

For Trump, however, the back-to-back losses of GOP gubernatorial candidates in red Southern states is more than just a bad look. It’s a warning sign that the president’s strategy of focusing strictly on maintaining the strong support of his conservative base might not be enough to help fellow Republicans or even himself in 2020 amid the House Democrats’ impeachment probe, which has imperiled his presidency.


Ron Faucheux, a nonpartisan political polling analyst says that Trump is the one who actually got those Republicans their losses, because his rallies not only bolstered the GOP voters, but it drove more liberals to the polls to ensure that Trumpers didn’t win.

Faucheux said:

“What Trump did in Louisiana was increase voter participation. While he increased the pro-Trump turnout, he also increased the anti-Trump turnout. That’s kind of the lesson here.”

Faucheux said this about Trump’s failed rally attempts:

“It’s one thing to endorse somebody and to help give them your support base. It’s something different to hover over and take over the whole campaign. When that happens, voters begin to ask, ‘Who is this guy Rispone and why can’t he stand on his own two feet?’ ”