Trump Freaks Out Over Pelosi Call For Him To Testify Monday AM


Donald Trump begged Kentuckians to give him a gubernatorial win. It did not happen. He went to Louisiana three times right before its governor election. He begged again. The Republican candidate dropped six points. What is his next strategy?

POTUS decided to pull out his “I’m invisible” tactic. Imagine if he appeared at one of his rallies and told them “I’m invisible.” What would they do? They might wait for the magic trick. When nothing occurred, they might disbelieve their eyes.

Today, Trump has asked his believers to think that the Republican Party under him has never “been so united.” The party’s decline was wrong, and impeachment hearings have been “a great fraud. The factual reporters were the “fake news media,” and journalists were all Democrats:

‘Never has the Republican Party been so united as it is now. 95% A.R. This is a great fraud being played out against the American people by the Fake News Media & their partner, the Do Nothing (sic) Democrats. The rules are rigged by Pelosi & Schiff, but we are winning, and we will win!’

Trum continued:

This has been a very difficult time for the nation, both Democrats and Republicans. It is a shame that we cannot come together where we agree. The nation came together after 9/11. People did not ask the other’s political views before they were kinder to one another. Families drew closer and talked about what was really important. Hopefully, that attitude will return.

Twitter world went wild. Check out some of our favorites below:

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