Trump Gets Desperate On Twitter Over Impeachment Hearings


President Donald Trump seems absolutely desperate to get out of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, but they’re continuing anyway! This Monday, he continued spending hours on end on Twitter, although as president of the United States, you’d think there are other things he’d be at least supposed to be doing. He insisted — among other things — that Democrats will “suffer at the polls” for pursuing the inquiry. In other words, even as he continues to face pushback for his previous obstruction attempts, he’s pushing right on ahead with his witness intimidation campaign.

Alongside a quip of the prominent conservative talking head insisting that Democrats were “plotting scandals,” Trump railed:

‘Mark Levin speaking one week after I took office. This was always a planned COUP and the Radical Left Democrats will suffer at the polls in 2020!’

In other words, the president of the United States doesn’t seem to quite get that Mark Levin saying something doesn’t make it true, although it’s not like he seems to care, considering the pace of tweets.

Besides his latest apocalyptic insistence that Democrats proceeding with a duly allowed inquiry in response to his own clearly demonstrable behavior are engaging in some kind of secret conspiracy, Trump also used Twitter this Monday to announce a rally in southeastern Florida, tout positive approval rating numbers from a long conservative-leaning pollster, and praise the economy based on the stock market that he’s always conspicuously silent on when it takes a dip. Besides, how many everyday Americans have any stake in the stock market whatsoever?

The Monday tweets came the day before House investigators kickstarted their second week of public impeachment inquiry hearings. This time, they’ll be hosting prominent figures who’ve already testified privately like the National Security Council’s Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman on Tuesday and Trump donor turned E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland on Wednesday. Sondland was one of a number of middle-men in the president’s documented plot to get Ukraine to produce Biden dirt in exchange for already approved military aid and a possible summit in D.C. with the Trump team.

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