Trump Jr. Tweets Desperate Attack On Vindman During Testimony


Donald Trump Jr. apparently decided to live-tweet the latest public impeachment inquiry this Tuesday, which featured National Security Council (NSC) official Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Pence aide Jennifer Williams in the morning. He directed much of his ire at Vindman, who listened to an infamous, highly scrutinized phone conversation between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and previously told Congress that he was blocked from correcting the record when he attempted to make it accurately reflect the focus on investigating the Bidens. Indicating just how emptyhanded they are when it comes to facts to support their case, Trump Jr. focused on trying to drag Vindman’s personal reputation.

At one point, he railed:

‘Anyone listening to Vindman stammer through this seemingly trying to remember the Catch Phrases he was well coached on should get that. He’s a low level partisan bureaucrat and nothing more.’

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is a decorated veteran of the Iraq War, actually.

If stammering is the new marker of a “partisan,” then Trump Jr. should take a look at his dad. President Donald Trump is not known for delivering thoughtful speeches that take the perspectives of others into account and present some kind of new perspective. He’s known for talking and acting like whatever comes out of his mouth is gospel and everyone should be subjected to his egomaniacal stream of consciousness rambling.

Making Trump Jr.’s criticism of Vindman’s character even more hypocritical is its broader context. He was responding to a tweet claiming that the official admitted he “exaggerated his CV” in previous testimony to Congress because he claimed to be a Trump adviser when he’d never met Trump. First of all — Trump has never exactly shown a willingness to pay attention to the list of experienced advisers available to him. Additionally, he himself has lied over 13,000 times and counting since taking office, and we’re supposed to take Jr.’s complaint about Vindman’s “exaggeration” seriously why again?

No matter the president and his allies’ relentless attempts to drag witnesses’ characters through the mud, the facts they have helped reveal remain. The Trump team held up already approved military aid for Ukraine and a possible summit in D.C. in a plot to get them to produce dirt on the Bidens.

Check out Twitter’s response to Jr….