Whistleblower Attorney Screams At Jim Jordan In ALL CAPS On Twitter


Jim Jordan is not liked by many, and those who do consider him a friend should have their heads examined because the guy is just weird. He’s about as corrupt as Republicans comes, including his own child rape scandal, but still, he continues to show up, looking unkempt and in need of a comb. Jordan is an embarrassment to American government, so when he gets smashed by someone who is actually legitimate, it’s quite entertaining.

Jordan has been playing his normal reindeer games throughout the public impeachment hearings, interrupting, telling constant lies about the rules of the proceedings, and accusing witnesses and Democrats of knowing who the anonymous whistleblower is.

Now, the attorney representing the whistleblower has spoken out to let Jordan and America know that he is a liar. Look at the tweet below:

As we reported earlier, Jim Jordan has not had a very easy day at work, and it’s because of people like Bakaj and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who called Jordan out for being disrespectful for addressing him as “Mr. Vindman.”

Check out the awkward exchange below:

And again when Jordan tried to smear Vindman’s stellar reputation. Watch the video of that below:

People on Twitter were thrilled that the whistleblower’s lawyer took on Jim Jordan after a morning of unethical behavior that should have gotten him booted out of the room. Since when is it okay for a member of American government, who never even served his country, to try to discredit a purple heart recipient and Iraq War veteran?

Check out the best reactions below: