New Trump PR Advisor Gets Humiliated During 1st National Interview


Recently, the Trump team brought in former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi as a communications adviser for the president as he attempts to fight back against the House Democrat-led impeachment inquiry, and Bondi’s stint in D.C. is already going poorly. This Wednesday morning, ahead of Trump donor turned E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s public impeachment inquiry testimony, she appeared on CBS to try and muster a defense for the president — and in the process, she fumbled a basic fact about the situation. Repeatedly, she called Sondland the ambassador to Ukraine, although he is, in fact, the ambassador to the European Union, which Ukraine is not a part of. Are they even trying anymore?

When asked about what the president says about his relationship with Sondland, who has said he’s repeatedly spoken with Trump directly, Bondi first deflected by insisting people should wait for Sondland’s testimony — although portions of the ambassador’s opening statement were already out at the time of the interview — and then she insisted:

‘He was ambassador to the Ukraine, he is ambassador to the Ukraine, and the president knows him. The president does not know him very well. He’s a short-term ambassador. Of course, he knows him — he’s the ambassador.’

Check it out:

There’s even been an actual (former) ambassador to Ukraine — Marie Yovanovitch — at the center of the public impeachment testimony that’s already transpired.

Although Bondi repeatedly erred in her treatment of that basic fact, she still had plenty of the familiar pro-Trump confidence. Considering public performances from Trump staffers, the onboarding process might as well be considered to include a single question for prospective staffers: Are you willing to go on national television and rant until a host has to cut you off?

Bondi railed:

‘The testimony is going to speak for itself today. You know, every day during this testimony, what’s everyone been saying? Explosive testimony, going to take down the president of the United States. That has not happened, and it’s not going to happen.’

That’s where she left that assertion — she didn’t even try, in the moment, to provide any specific evidence for why Trump is supposedly so free from consequences for his documented wrongdoing.

Later on in the interview, she vehemently asserted that impeachment investigators are conducting a “sham court,” so supposedly no one in the president’s inner circle would actually advise him to testify, although Trump has said that he’d be open to accepting that challenge from Democrats for him to testify.

He’s already under investigation for possibly lying the last time he testified, which was part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. He insisted to those investigators that he had no recollection of speaking to adviser Roger Stone about WikiLeaks and added that he supposedly did not know of Stone speaking to his campaign about it. However, as became abundantly clear during Stone’s recent trial that ended with him being declared guilty on all counts, Stone actually did speak with the president and his campaign about WikiLeaks. In other words, Bondi may prefer frenzied tv rants as an excuse, but in reality, the president’s advisers have to worry about him perjuring himself yet again.