Nunes Tantrums As Swalwell Reveals Dirt On Devin’s Ex-Staffer


The impeachment proceedings currently taking place in Washington, D.C. are literally driving the president mad. He LIVE-tweets during the hearings, even intimidating witnesses like a genius. He’s also been giving loopier than usual White House lawn interviews in which he cries more of the regular witch hunt rhetoric.

The proceedings have been filled with day after day of clips and soundbites that will surely go down in history. Like today’s interaction between Democrat Eric Swalwell and witness Fiona Hill, in which Swalwell mentioned an article by POLITICO in which it was revealed the Republicans were working with a lawyer who was giving the president information about Ukraine behind the scenes.

According to POLITICO:

[Vindman] was instructed “at the last second” not to attend the debriefing, Vindman told lawmakers, because Trump’s advisers worried it might confuse the president: Trump believed at the time that Kashyap Patel, a longtime Nunes staffer who joined the White House in February and had no discernible Ukraine experience or expertise, was actually the NSC’s top Ukraine expert instead of Vindman.

Vindman testified that he was told this directly by his boss at the time, NSC senior director for European and Russian affairs Fiona Hill.

It was actually Fiona Hill and John Bolton who made the call for Vindman to sit out of the call, claiming it was done to avoid “an uncomfortable situation.” Vindman testified to that previously.

It had already been reported that Trump believed that Kash Patel was in charge of Ukraine policy for the NSC, but “Vindman’s exclusion sheds even more light on the unusual steps top NSC officials were taking as early as May to avoid angering or annoying Trump on Ukraine issues — and the unusual level of access Patel had to the president,” according to the report.

POLITICO continues:

It’s still not clear what materials Patel was giving Trump, or where he was getting them. But he was not interacting with Ukraine experts at the State Department and Pentagon on the issue, and never had a conversation with Vindman, the NSC’s director for Ukraine, about Ukraine — or about anything for that matter, Vindman testified.

This is where Devin Nunes comes into play. The article states that, “Patel had previously served as Nunes’ top staffer on the House Intelligence Committee and worked to discredit the FBI and DOJ officials investigating Russia’s election interference.”

For that reason, Vindman was careful to not overtly criticize Patel so as not to anger Nunes — the ranking member of the intelligence panel — who floated in and out of the 10-hour deposition, according to a person familiar with his testimony.

Check out the video from the hearing below: