Pelosi Takes Trump Down On Twitter After Witness Tampering Tweet


The House’s impeachment hearings continue to expose corruption at every turn. Americans have watched as Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) political skill becomes apparent. She was against the hearings in the beginning. Yet, there came a moment, the right moment, when she notified her committee chairs the Democrats had no choice but to investigate Donald Trump. One reason she was concerned was that an unleashed POTUS had becomed too dangerous for them to wait until the 2020 elections.

She tweeted a summary of where the Democrats have been at this moment in time:

Here’s where we’re at.

FIRST: Trump got caught bribing a foreign power for his own political gain.

THEN: Trump demanded Republicans defend his corruption

NOW: Republicans are continuing their massive cover-up campaign. When will they honor their oath and Constitution?’

The U.S. career officials came across at strong, intelligent patriots. Certainly, they did not appear eager to testify. Actually, it did not look like they were having a good time, because these professionals put their jobs on the line by coming forward. Some of the witnesses even had and continue to have 24/7 security protection. One prepared to move his family to a military base to protect them against Trump supporters..

Then, billionaire Gordon Sondland came before the committee. He contributed one million dollars to Donald Trump, which bought him a plum ambassadorship. As his testimony unfolded, due to the talented House Democrats, the situation appeared worse than originally anticipated.

Pelosi summed up Sondland’s bombshells. Trump bribed another country. Then, Republicans defended the president. Finally, the coverup was exposed.

Twitter world went wild. Check out some of our favorites below: