Trump Furiously Tweets As Impeachment Hearings Continue


This Thursday, House impeachment investigators have hosted yet another round of public hearings in their ongoing inquiry. This time, they hosted witnesses including State Department official David Holmes and former Trump adviser Fiona Hill — the latter of whom, bizarrely enough, some prominent Trump shills like Jack Posobiec responded to by insinuating she wasn’t a “real” enough American. (She and fellow witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman were born elsewhere.) President Donald Trump’s own response included a barrage of afternoon Twitter posts including retweets of propaganda from Republican Congressmen’s account. As the inquiry proceeds, and condemning evidence keeps piling up, Trump and his cronies have got nothing.

Although he was significantly more comprehensible than Trump himself could be expected to be, House Minority Leader Mark Meadows (R-Calif.) exemplified the president’s position well. As he put it in a reckless, egomaniacal Twitter post that the president retweeted:

‘A notable theme in these hearings: some career officials seem to act as though their job is to decide America’s foreign policy It’s the President who sets policy—not unelected bureaucrats. POTUS believes every dollar we send abroad should be questioned. And most Americans agree.’

Meadows is referring to the GOP excuse that Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate the Bidens in exchange for already approved military aid because he was simply concerned about corruption. However — Trump never ventured into a single case of alleged corruption that didn’t involve his domestic political opponents, and there’s just no evidence supporting Trump’s claims of impropriety surrounding Joe Biden’s behavior when he was in office as vice president.

Those who have testified are not trying to usurp some sacred executive power. Rather, they’re attempting to do their jobs. Donald Trump did not get a blank check to do whatever he wanted when he took office — and it’s amazing that some need reminded of that.

Meanwhile, the incriminating details of Trump’s behavior keep coming out. Late Wednesday testimony revealed that Ukraine had actually asked about the status of that aid a full month before previously known. That further derails the Republican idea that Ukraine couldn’t have been pressured because they — supposedly — didn’t even know the aid was involved. Apparently, they actually did.

Trump also tweeted threateningly about Iran.

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