Devin Nunes 2020 Re-Election Chances Take Major Blow


GOP Rep, and long-time Trump supporter, has been heading up the Republican side of the impeachment inquiry into Trump’s dealings with, and extortion of, Ukraine. Throughout this process, Nunes has become more and more visibly aggravated and his opening statements have been exceedingly oblivious to the facts being presented, as you can see from his most recent opening statement.


He also ended that day with his closing statement stating, “The tv ratings must be plummeting.” Clearly he’s grasping at straws!

It appears that his continued defense of Trump, along with his behavior during proceedings — his condescending and smug attitude at times in addition to his refusal to face facts — has not gone unnoticed among his constituents.

According to his hometown newspaper, The Fresno Bee:

‘Rep. Devin Nunes’ week at the forefront of President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings highlighted the catch-22 facing the congressman as he prepares for a 2020 re-election campaign:

‘The more visible he is, the more power his opponents have to run against him.’

The paper also noted that “DevinNunesIsAnIdiot” was a top discussion topic on Twitter.

The Bee goes on to report that Nunes’ competitors, one in particular, small business owner Phil Arballo has raised over $200k since the start of the impeachment proceedings.

‘Phil Arballo, a small businessman who has raised the most money in trying to unseat Nunes in 2020, since the start of the impeachment hearings has raised more than $235,000. That’s with an average contribution of $22 from more than 9,000 individual contributors, according to his campaign.

‘It’s a significant breakthrough for a candidate who raised about $130,000 in the first half the year.

‘“Today showed we can’t afford to have @DevinNunes in Congress anymore,” Arballo tweeted Thursday, together with a link to his fundraising site. “Don’t get mad. Get even. Chip in now & show Devin what happens when you put your party over your country. You lose.”’

Other candidates running for Nunes’ seat also saw surges in campaign donations:

‘Bobby Bliatout, who came in third in the primary against Nunes and Democrat Andrew Janz in 2018, had an “800 percent increase in fundraising” over the week, compared to the previous two weeks, according to Tom Dallas, his campaign manager. His account was temporarily suspended Tuesday night, though Dallas said the campaign was unaware why.

‘Dallas, who did not provide a specific dollar amount, said the fundraising surge was due to the California Democratic Party’s endorsement of the campaign, combined with Nunes’ increased visibility.’

We know that Nunes is also well-equipped for his upcoming election, but these public hearings and appearances may backfire on him! We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Featured image via screenshot.