Giuliani Has Weird Saturday Meltdown About Getting Snuffed Out


Rudy Giuliani is constantly having mental slip-ups that put the president into precarious situations, and it’s only a matter of time before he gets Trump into a pickle that he can’t get out of. Giuliani is known for his outlandish, and quite rude, interviews in which he has clear episodes of delusions.

Saturday night, he did it again when he claimed he had a hoard of damning evidence against Joe Biden. Check out what Giuliani tweeted today:

The crazy is real with this one, and you can clearly tell that he believes every word he’s saying. How is this man still allowed to practice law? People on Twitter were also in amazement of the lunacy coming from Giuliani’s Twitter page.

Now he thinks he’ll be killed?

This is getting ridiculous. Check out what people were saying to Giuliani online below: