Trump Has Paranoid Weekend Twitter Whistleblower Spazz-Out


President Donald Trump is clearly feeling the heat from House Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry. Although this past week, they held a series of public hearings featuring witnesses from inside the Trump administration, the inquiry got underway following a whistleblower complaint revealing Trump’s plot to exchange military aid for Ukraine producing politically damaging intel on the Bidens and Democratic National Committee (DNC). This weekend, Trump is still going on about the whistleblower — and indicating just how emptyhanded his side is, he’s still sticking to going after them as a person.

As he’s done repeatedly recently, Trump quoted at length from a Fox News host railing against the whistleblower. This time, he chose agitator Laura Ingraham, who insinuated that because the whistleblower worked with then-Vice President Joe Biden when he was in office, the complaint should be taken as lacking credibility. What was the whistleblower, who’s said to be a federal intelligence agent, supposed to do??? Ignore the vice president of the United States and other key U.S. officials???

Trump tweeted:

‘“The Democrats dirty tricks have started this whole thing. The Whistleblower, the guy who took his case to Schiff’s staff first, is what really blows the lid off this entire saga. He worked for Biden on Ukraine policy when Biden was VP. He worked for deep state henchman John Brennan, too. And the Whistleblower also worked for Susan Rice. It’s an understatement to say that this is a Witch Hunt.” @IngrahamAngle They spied on my campaign!’

Basically, Trump is attempting to write off the majority of the federal government as conspiring against him at this point. That’s just not based in reality.

Although Ukraine scandal-focused public hearings are concluded for now, Congressional investigators still have more ground to cover following Thanksgiving.

Check out Twitter’s response below.