Jim Jordan’s Local Newspaper Embarrasses Him In Front Of The World


Representative Jim Jordon (R-OH) has made some powerful enemies back home, among his voters and the home newspapers. The Ohio representative got a pass from the House of Representative’s key Republicauss, but that was not what did it.n leaders to temporarily insert himself into the House Intelligence Committee. That is where the impeachment hearings are being held. So what did he do to bring down such wrath upon himself?

In an unusual move, House Republican leaders allowed Jordan to temporarily stepped in and Arkansas Representative Rick Crawford (R-AK) was sent out of the chamber. The Ohio representative pelted the witnesses with bullets too fast to answer, In addition, he used his time to try to give some credibility to Trump’s wild conspiracy theories. The president’s new personal attorney and fixer filled Trump’s head with them, if the commander-in-chief did not have enough paranoia of his own.

Jordan was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University. Many have accused him of allegedly turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse going on in that locker room. b

Screen-Shot-2019-11-24-at-12.12.53-PM Jim Jordan's Local Newspaper Embarrasses Him In Front Of The World Corruption Featured Impeachment Investigation Top Stories

The Ohio representative also complained woefully about perceived partisanship. He claimed that this inquiry was just about, according to The Newsweek magazine wrote:

‘[S]ome anonymous whitleblower…who’s biased against the president.’

Jordan and the minority counsel Steve Castor went after the former National Security Council’s senior director for Europe and Russia, Dr. Fiona Hill and current American embassy official on duty in Ukraine, David Holmes:

‘Beyond Larkin’s implications of illegitimacy through corrupt districting, he also pointed to a pending lawsuit against Jordan, who has been accused by multiple men of dismissing their claims of sex abuse and harassment by while Jordan was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University. Last month the university published the results of an independent investigation that amassed more than 1,400 accusations of fondling and 47 allegations of rape by Strauss.’

The television stations have broadcast the impeachment inquiry into Trump. It drew a remarkable number of Americans to watch as career diplomats testified. They came through as strongly patriotic, extremely intelligent, and calm in the face of the Twitter hurricanes originating in the White House. They risked their jobs to let the country know that it has been under attack, and America’s democracy was at risk.

Screen-Shot-2019-11-24-at-12.12.30-PM Jim Jordan's Local Newspaper Embarrasses Him In Front Of The World Corruption Featured Impeachment Investigation Top Stories

Voters saw the government people and military advisers reveal Trump’s dark back-channel operation unfold. POTUS was trying to implement an investigation into the man he considered his top competitor in the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden and his family. The president and his people illegally withheld $391 million in direly-needed military aide as they fought the Russians. In fact, a pattern has been emerging of Trump continually working to please Russian President Vladimir Putin instead of America.

Jordan has interrogated witnesses with the delight of a rat terrier. He did not disappoint Donald Trump, who has expressed enthusiasm for that type of display. Jordon showed up as:

‘[A] key opposition figure in the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.’

The former editorial editor of Cleveland, Ohio’s The Plain Dealer newspaper tied Representative Jim Jordan to a catapult then snapped it hard. Brett Larkin had a few potent words to say:

There was no good reason to punish Greater Cleveland by making the person who’s now the second most contemptible human being in the entire U.S. government part of the region’s delegation to Congress.’

TV viewers saw people who risked their jobs and their reputations to do what was right in contrast to the president’s political appointees. Trump’s civilian leaders hid in cowardly silence.

Jordon participated on the Republican side, breaking House rules right and left as he cross-examined the witnesses. Former Republican House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) called Jordan a “legislative terrorist” as he rapid-fired his questions at the witnesses. Nevermind that these people had received credible death threats from Trump’s followers.

In fact, one of the witnesses who appeared in his active-duty dress blue military uniform, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, had 24/7 security along with his family. The military was trying to determine whether they should go to a more secure location. If the Lt. Col. could be secreted on a military base, then they could be better protected.

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