Nunes Snaps & Threatens To Sue Everyone During Weekend Meltdown


All that House Republicans have got in their attempted defenses of the president against the truth of the Ukraine scandal are conspiracy theories. Now, top House Republican Devin Nunes (Calif.) says that he’s preparing to take media outlets including CNN and the Daily Beast to court over his personal conspiracy theory that they’re out to get him. He’s in a rage over their stories that he worked with indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas to connect with former top Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin in an attempt to get dirt on the Bidens — the same kind of dirt that President Donald Trump sought and has sparked the impeachment inquiry.

Amazingly, Nunes complained about those outlets supposedly working “with” someone facing federal criminal charges to develop a story, and he had apparently nowhere near the same level of concern about the personal lawyer to the president of the United States actually working with that person for years.

Insisting that his court action would come “right after Thanksgiving,” Nunes complained:

‘It is not OK to work with someone who has been indicted on serious federal crimes to build a media narrative and dirty up a member of Congress.’

Despite the apparent deeply set concern that Nunes has here about supposed collusion to dig up dirt on a political opponent, he’s seemingly completely unconcerned about the president of the United States literally standing on the White House lawn and saying foreign countries should investigate his own political opponents. Talk about blind partisan loyalty.

He wouldn’t even entirely answer the question of whether he’d actually met with Shokin or not, insinuating that ongoing “criminal activity” was restraining him — which sounds suspiciously like Trump’s own excuse that he can’t release his tax returns because of an ever elusive, never ending IRS audit.

Nunes said:

‘I really want to answer all of these questions… but because there is criminal activity here, we’re working with the appropriate law enforcement agencies… we’re going to file all this. Everyone’s going to know the truth. Everyone’s going to know all the facts, but I think you understand that I can’t compete by trying to debate this out with the public media when ninety percent of the media are totally corrupt. And because this is… so slanderous, we’re going to file in federal court, because I’m not going to sit here and try and compete against the media that I have no chance of winning against.’


Besides suggesting that media outlets might be guilty of obstructing justice — just because he said so, or something — Nunes went on to say that he’s the “last guy” to want to take something to court, but at present, he has an active lawsuit against Twitter over an account that pokes fun at him under the username of “Devin Nunes’ Cow.”

The Congressman is convinced that this satire is posing some kind of grave harm to him and his image or something. Heaven help him if Saturday Night Live ever decided to include a caricature of him in a sketch. Where other figures have laughed along, Nunes — like Trump — would probably lose his mind.