Ruth Bader Ginsberg Gets Sunday Medical News That Has Liberals Smiling


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg or RBG as she is often known spends her every moment at work, dedicated to bringing justice to Americans. She even brings a penlight with her to the movies and reads. When the members of the Donald Trump administration hear she is sick or in the hospital, they get excited. They were almost giddy this week.

At 86-years-old, the more liberal justice has had many health scares, but it would be difficult to match her will to live and what she has done to protect women’s rights. She has had had three types of cancer, including pancreatic cancer last August, when she underwent radiation therapy, according to Reuters.

Ginsberg is the oldest justice sitting on the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). She had displayed symptoms of chilling and a high fever. She checked into a Washington, D.C. hospital as a precautionary measure. Then, the hospital transferred her to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, which could provide the more in-depth evaulation.

Her seat is very valuable. At this time, the SCOTUS has four more liberal justices and five more conservative justices. A conservative in her seat would throw much of existing law, especially those protecting women’s rights to the conservatives. That would create a Handmaiden’s Tale situation.

Then on Sunday, RPG’s office indicated that her symptoms were gone after she received antibiotics and fluids. Her office said:

‘She is home and doing well.’

Gingberg has a rigorous exercise regime and bench-presses more than some men.

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