Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Pardons Child Abuser’s Life Sentence


Donald Trump pardoned a Navy SEAL convicted of war crimes who was demoted, losing his SEAL status. He did this in spite of many top officials urging him to do otherwise. Apparently, the Governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin took a page out of the Trump ethics book.

Keep in mind that child molesters cannot change. Let them go free, and they will take up where they left off, destroying the lives of easily 60 little children. Even though the Kentucky court system defended a six-year-old girl, Governor Bevin pardoned a man’s life sentence. Paul Donel Hurt was convicted of sexually abusing and sodomizing her:

The perpetrator claimed he had been wrongly convicted of “three counts of sodomy in the first degree” and “two counts of sexual abuse in the first degree,” according to The Kentucky Carrier-Journal:

‘Hindsight is never truly 20/20, but it appears to me, and to many others including the judge who sentenced him, that Paul Donel Hurt has been wrongly convicted and imprisoned for nearly 20 years.’

Screen-Shot-2019-11-25-at-4.44.27-PM Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Pardons Child Abuser's Life Sentence Child Abuse Featured Feminism Top Stories Women's Rights Bevin’s order pardoning Hurt stated:

‘[In] light of all that is known and all that will forever remain unknown, it does not seem possible that justice can be truly served in this instance.

‘Nonetheless, with the power vested in me as Governor of the Commonwealth, I believe it is my moral duty to commute the remaining sentence of Paul Donel Hurt and to grant him the full and unconditional pardon that he has requested.’

The governor added that he hopes Hurt finds religion:

‘[I]t is my fervent hope and prayer that Mr. Hurt will find his faith in God and in his fellow man restored, and that he and his family will be abundantly blessed as he experiences the restoration of his freedom in the years ahead.’

Screen-Shot-2019-11-25-at-4.44.07-PM Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Pardons Child Abuser's Life Sentence Child Abuse Featured Feminism Top Stories Women's Rights Retired Jefferson Circuit Judge Stephen Mershon was quite thoughtful. He picked up Hurt at the state prison in La Grange and drove him to his mother’s house, he told the Courier Journal on Monday.

‘I believe an innocent man is now free. Bevin did the right thing.’

Mershon worked to get Hurt pardoned, beginning with the former governor, then moving on to the next one. He said that Hurt began crying when he was pardoned and kept it up all the way to his mother’s house. Of course, there is such a thing as crocodile tears.

The judge admitted that there was a chance he been deceived:

‘We’ll never know what happened 19, 20 years ago. This guy could have been playing me, that he was the best con artist in the world.’

Regional child advocacy center President of Family & Children’s Place President Pamela Darnall said the circumstances of this pardon were shocking:

‘In general, children do not lie about sexual abuse. The research continually bears out that the majority of kids are not making it up.’

Darnall said she was disturbed that Mershon later sought out the man, which the prosecution argued caused her to change her story.

Darnall went to the victim but the prosecution claimed that changed her story. She continued:

‘These are people in power. This is a judge. This is what kids deal with when people who are the adults … pressure these kids.’

Nor could Darnall understand Bevin’s willingness to pardon Hurt:

‘A leader steps in and says I simply believe it wasn’t true so I’m going to pardon him. What kind of message does that kind of behavior send to our kids and send to adults who have lived with their secrets for so many years.’

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