Florida Trump Rally Spirals Out Of Control In Minutes


Trump is holding another campaign rally in Sunshine, Florida Tuesday night, and as per the usual, it is nothing short of goofy. The president tries to be serious while spouting conspiracy theories and making a complete fool of himself. Tonight’s rally is no different.

Trump’s supporters are in full-swing tonight as well. just check out this video of a Trump supporter waiting in line for the rally to begin:

The videos coming out of the rally in Florida are somewhat concerning. Trump actually appears to be slurring his words in this clip below:

He’s also going after the press in a passive aggressive way:

According to the Palm Beach Post:

First Lady Melania Trump, who faced some boos earlier Tuesday during a youth summit urging students to avoid misusing drugs in Baltimore, left Air Force One with son Barron soon after her husband boarded Marine One. The first lady and Barron joined the motorcade heading, presumably, to Mar-a-Lago.

At the Sunrise rally, Trump trumpeted what he said was his administration’s achievements.

Trump said this at the rally:

“America is stronger than ever. a year from now” he would be joining fellow “Floridians going to the polls” to keep him in the White House.

“America is winning again and America is respected again,” he added as the crowd chanted “U-S-A!”

Check out a LIVE feed from the rally below: