Nunes Hit With Wave Of Twitter Backlash After Embarrassing Himself


Devin Nunes has been looking a little hot under the collar during Trump’s impeachment proceedings lately, and it could be because he is now in the mix of the president’s criminal enterprise, and he’s suddenly realizing he can go down with the ship. Had Nunes been paying attention this entire time, he would have known about the president’s unsavory, if not felonious behavior.

Who are we kidding? He knew full well.

This week, an indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas implicated Nunes in the president’s extortion attempt against Ukraine. Huffington Post correspondent Kevin Robillard sat for an interview with New Day host Victor Blackwell.

Blackwell started the interview with:

“Start with [Giuliani associate] Lev Parnas saying, we’re hearing from his attorney, the accusation that he actually helped set up these meetings between the ranking Republican on House Intel, Devin Nunes and Viktor Shokin, this former prosecutor general in Ukraine. If true, a big asterisk. Frame the significance.”

Robillard explained that:

“It puts a significant dent in the Republican defense used this entire week. If Devin Nunes is standing there saying this is a conspiracy theory, they’re waving out all of these ridiculous theories to try to get Trump. But it turns out Nunes was himself involved in what Trump was doing and knew about it.”

“It sort of vastly undercuts everything he said over the past week. Which, we should note, most of what he said over the past week isn’t backed up by any evidence anyway and often conspiracy theories of his own.”

Watch the video here:

Devin is so totally screwed, and according to some reports, he may be in even more trouble than the president. On CNN Saturday morning, former federal prosecutor Elie Honig explained that Nunes may have committed a federal crime.

Anchor Victor Blackwell asked:

“So as relates to, let’s say now if true, what does this portend for the question of the day? The potential impeachment of the president? Is this just an interesting element, or could this go to the question of, has the president committed impeachable offenses?”

Honig responded:

“Well, it goes to the broader atmosphere. I don’t think it directly hits at Donald Trump. Certainly directly hits at Devin Nunes. Really bad news for Devin Nunes.”

“The sheer hypocrisy that he has shown up on his high horse over the last couple weeks, preaching what’s right and wrong and conspiracy theories, turns out, according to Parnas, he was trying to do the exact same thing that’s on trial here.

Devin Nunes, according to this report, was meeting with a corrupt prosecutor, somebody everything who knows this area says was corrupt … trying to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. It’s a arguably a crime, a federal crime for a person to try to solicit something of value to a political campaign from a foreign national.”

The video of the interview can be seen below:

MSNBC also reported of Nunes’ troubles Saturday morning, and Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, had a lot to say about the motive behind Nunes’ impeachment proceedings shenanigans.

She says that:

“It is a significant development because of the role that Congressman Nunes has been playing. He’s been helping shape the direction of that investigation and narrative about the case. We should keep in mind that Nunes for years now has been a close ally of President Trump.”

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise for him to be implicated in this situation with Ukraine. It is something certainly the Democrats will want to get to the bottom of.”

Tanden continued:

“I think anyone who watched the hearings saw Nunes take the role as prosecutor for the president. What is fascinating is you would think sometime in the last couple of weeks, he might mention, ‘by the way, I had dealings with the man who was indicted by the U.S. government a few weeks ago in relationship to this scandal.”

“He was hiding this from the American people as he was launching his attacks and I think undermines to the degree anyone needed to hear, undermines the case of the Republicans. They’re not just covering for Trump. he’s essentially covering for himself.”

Watch that exchange below: