Trump Tweets Bizarre Pre-Thanksgiving Photoshopped Image Of Himself


As the United States prepares for Thanksgiving when one customarily has their mind on things other than themselves, President Donald Trump just keeps wallowing in his ego. This Wednesday morning, he tweeted a bizarre photoshopped image that placed his face on the body of Rocky Balboa from the Rocky movie franchise. He didn’t even include a caption — we’re simply left to face the fact that while the United States deals with security, economic, and other related issues, Trump’s not just looking at himself in the mirror. He’s basking in the glow of these outlandish, pseudomessianic images of himself.

Check it out:

Like in the cases of other photoshopped images of the president that he’s circulated, there’s a definite violent undertone. When a boxer is in the ring, they’re of course normally fighting someone — so what are we supposed to understand here? The image leaves filling in the blank of who the president is violently physically confronting to the imagination of his supporters. Previous imagery has included a fantasy version of Trump physically attacking interests from his former general election opponent Hillary Clinton to news organizations like CNN.

The meltdowns come as he and his team are still preparing for a no doubt tough re-election battle in 2020. The majority of polls have all leading Democratic presidential candidates beating Trump by significant margins. This Wednesday, Trump also retweeted a message from Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who posted a Fox News clip featuring Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth, who recently made the absolutely outlandish assertion that what Trump “has withstood is unlike what really any other mortal could understand.”

Ignoring the fact that people traveling for a rally has absolutely no bearing on the actual political inclinations of actual majorities of nearby voting populations, McDaniel tweeted:

‘Overwhelmingly strong support for @realDonaldTrump in a DEM county in battleground Florida. His supporters are already fired up for 2020!’

Check out Twitter’s response to that and the president below.