Hillary Upstages Trump With Thanksgiving Message To America


Perhaps former presidential candidate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made peace with having the 2016 presidential election stolen from her. After all, Donald Trump cheated, and even so, she won the popular vote. Still, is there something within her that wants to give it one more turn at the presidential campaign wheel?

On Thanksgiving morning, Clinton sent out a message to “all the little girls…never doubt that you are valuable and powerful:”

”To all the little girls watching…never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world.’

FOX Business anchor Trish Regan interviewed former Trump campaign chair and chief strategist Bannon as the 2020 campaigns began heating up. When he was not trying to influence conservates to stay true to Trump, a few kernels of Democratic potential fell through. He said, according to The Real Clear Politics:

‘They will throw Biden away. They’ll throw Biden away to get to Trump and hope Elizabeth Warren or I even think Hillary Clinton or Bloomberg or some centrist comes in here. All these other people that could have been the centrist candidate for whatever reason haven’t materialize. And that leaves a huge opportunity for two people, I believe, Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton’

Then, the former Republican chief strategist gave his insight into the Democratic candidates:

‘He (Mike Bloomberg) hopes to use his capital to blow a hole because he sees Mayor Pete, Biden, Cory Booker, the other centrists are just not getting traction. And I believe he thinks the Wall Street faction of the Democratic Party is not going to have a coronation for Elizabeth Warren. So he’s going to come in, I think is going to totally disrupt the race. And I believe Hillary Clinton is going to look and say, I’m going to step in to save the Democratic Party. And so don’t count — I’m only two for two on this. I think Hillary Clinton is taking a hard look and seeing what Bloomberg is doing and seeing how Bloomberg is trying to position himself. I think the Democratic race is wide open.’

Twitter world caught fire. Have a look at some of our favorites below:

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