Trump Gets Weird During Surprise Thanksgiving Visit To Afghanistan


Does Donald Trump ever think about what it would have been like had he done his military duty and served his country during the Vietnam War? That flight into Afghanistan today was 8331 miles long. Maybe, it was just a fleeting thought as Air Force One landed, and he was whisked off to a secure location. So what did he say when he spoke to the troops in the longest war in American history?

He and First Lady Melania Trump arrived at the Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving. It was just the day after 13 people on their way to a wedding party struck an IED device. (Improved Explosive Device). They had been traveling into “Taliban-controlled territory northern Afghanistan,’ according to officials.

On this surprise visit to the troops assigned to Afghanistan, Trump’s speech came across as “rambling and confused, according to The Newsweek Magazine.  On this Thanksgiving Day, he told the men and women that he had taken America’s economy to “the strongest economically it has ever been. We’ve never done so well:”

‘We flew 8331 miles to be here tonight for one simple reason, to tell you in person that this Thanksgiving is a special Thanksgiving. We’re doing so well. Our country is the strongest economically it has ever been. We’ve never done so well. We have the greatest economy anywhere in the world.’

Then, POTUS told them that they were fighting for a country that was “doing well:”

‘So it is nice to know that you are fighting for something that is doing well as opposed to something that was not doing well just a number of years ago.’

Apparently, the presidents’ speech was “rambling and confused” as he talked about people’s 401(k)s :

‘Our stock market has reached the highest level ever in the history of the exchanges, all three,” continued Trump. “If you look, all three. It is incredible. It is incredible what is happening. Just broke a record. I think it is close to 130 days. So we’re less than three years and 130 times we’ve broken the all-time record. And to me that didn’t mean an all-time record, it means something different. It means jobs. It means 401(k)s. People come up to me with their 401(k)s and they say, “You’ve made me look like a genius. Thank you very much.” They are up 78 percent. They feel good.’

That might not have been at the top of his audience’s concerns.  Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani said:

We’re going to stay until such time as we have a deal, or we have total victory, and they want to make to make a deal very badly.’

POTUS indicated he wanted to take the number of American troops down to 8,600 from about 12,000 to 13,000. He claimed that the Taliban was interested in a peace deal, but he did not care:

‘The Taliban wants to make a deal — we’ll see if they make a deal. If they do, they do, and if they don’t they don’t. That’s fine.’

About the insurgents, he said:

‘We’re saying it has to be a cease-fire, and they didn’t want to do a cease-fire. Now they do want to do a cease-fire. I believe it’ll probably work out that way.’

It was important for POTUS to make this trip to serve the mashed potatoes and turkey to the troops, because he pardoned war criminals this week and fired his Secretary of Navy. The secretary was simply defending the integrity of the military’s discipline. Unfortunately, Trump had indicated that he planned to take these men to his rallies, these “killing machines,” as he described them.

One of them killed a prisoner, then stood with his kill, similar to the eldest Trump son standing over a dead elephant.

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