Gaetz Escalates Bizarre Twitter Meltdown Over Gov’s Senate Pick


Florida’s Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is apparently willing to truly go the distance in his defense of President Donald Trump. This Friday, he launched into an hours-long and counting Twitter argument with the team of Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp, who is slated to soon formally announce financial industry executive Kelly Loeffler as his appointment to the Senate. Trump had preferred Congressman Doug Collins, who’s ardently defended him during the impeachment inquiry. A desperate Gaetz jumped into the fray against Kemp with Twitter tirades against — wait for it — jean shorts, because they’re the real villain here — or something.

Gaetz was responding to Kemp adviser Ryan Matthew Mahoney, who derided Gaetz’s public posturing against the Georgia Governor’s Senate pick via quipping that he’d likely not be invited to a get-together including Kemp and Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Gaetz replied:

‘You all begged for @realDonaldTrump’s support. Now, you are directly acting in contravention to his request. And you think attacking the clothing of the President’s defenders in Congress is your next best play. You aren’t good at this. PS – I adamantly deny wearing jean shorts or anything acid-washed after 1998, but that isn’t the real point. I do own some jeans on the tighter side, which is nothing to be ashamed about.’

Mahoney had mockingly written:

‘Highly doubt @mattgaetz will get the invite to @BrianKempGA ’s feral hog hunt with Gov. @RonDeSantisFL. Self-serving politicians who wear tight, acid-washed jean shorts and cowardly hide behind their keyboard can’t cut it in South Georgia.’

Gaetz took the bait, and yet again, the Trump crowd turned to manic political attacks over substantively engaging on the issues important to Americans. His Twitter reply to Mahoney wasn’t his only meltdown on the platform over the issue — he also issued barely veiled, repeated threats against Kemp’s political career, although to be clear, Gaetz is just the loudmouth. He doesn’t pull any strings. Still, he wrote:

‘If you substitute your judgement for the President’s, maybe you need a primary in 2022. Let’s see if you can win one w/o Trump’

Separately, he added:

‘You forgot why and how you won. #TeamTrump doesn’t forget such things.’

Is he auditioning for the mob or something?

Check out Twitter’s response below…