Trump’s White House Responds To Deadly London Attack


Friday morning, a terrorist attack that left three people dead on London Bridge shocked the globe, and set off yet another discussion of extremism and Islamaphobia. The president is pretty keen on Islamaphobia, and so any opportunity to interject into a situation that relates to crimes perpetuated by Muslims, Trump jumps at.

Two people were knifed to death this morning, but the president thinks his two-sense are so needed in this situation that he can’t just sit this one out. Instead, he offered the United States’ support. The White House statement reads:

President Trump has been briefed on this morning’s attack at the London Bridge and is monitoring the situation.”

The White House statement continues:

“The United States strongly condemns all horrific acts of violence on innocent people, and we pledge our full support to our ally, the United Kingdom.”

The terrorist attack happened during a criminal justice event at a place called Fishmonger’s Hall at around 2:00pm London time. According to a BBC report:

Dozens of people were in attendance, including students from Cambridge University and former prisoners.

The university said it was “gravely concerned” about reports of its students and staff being caught up in the attack and was urgently seeking further information.

Ms Dick said police were working at “full tilt” to understand what had happened and whether anyone else was involved.

Officers were still working to identify the dead, she said.