Black Students Spit On, Called ‘N*ggers’ By Parents For Taking A Knee


This is sickening. What have we come to as a nation when our children are being treated this way because of a political gesture. Well, this is actually nothing new. Remember the kids who decided they were going to sit at the counter of a restaurant despite a “whites only” rule that meant they had to eat somewhere else? Those kids were spit on and taunted by white folks as well, and history doesn’t remember those people very kindly.

Now, it’s happened again at a football game in Detroit, of all places. Student athletes, a lot of whom are black, faced ridicule, were spat upon, had garbage thrown at them, and were taunted with racial slurs after taking a knee during the National Anthem before the game started.

According to The Detroit Free Press:

Detroit Public Schools Community District Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said Sunday the school district was withholding any possible disciplinary action pending a review of Saturday’s Division 5 state semifinal football game, which was called off early in the fourth quarter because of excessive personal fouls.

Almont won the game, 36-8, at Walled Lake Central High School.

So, the children may be disciplined for holding a peaceful, and quiet protest against the disgusting behavior that they endured because of the protest? That sounds about white.

The publication continued:

As players were exiting the field, tensions escalated after a Denby player shoved an Almont band member. Almont fans then began hurling racial slurs at Denby players, some of whom reacted by throwing helmets or shoes or climbing a fence that separated fans from the playing field.

According to Denby coach Deon Godfrey, the racist remarks included the N-word and began as early as when Denby players took a knee during the national anthem before the game.

The team coach, Deon Godfrey remembers the chaos. He said this to the press about the wretched incident that will never be forgotten by these kids:

“Our cameraman is white and was filming near some Almont fans. During the national anthem, he overheard them saying: ‘Look at these N-words taking a knee and they don’t even know why they’re doing it,’ and they kept going.”

Denby’s white coaches also were being called “wiggers,” Godfrey said, and “grown men and women started spitting on our kids as they walked up the ramp. They were throwing food, cups and whatever.”

And hat’s not all, according to the coach:

“They called my student trainer a little monkey and they were saying: ‘Who let them off their leashes? They need to be on a leash. They never should have been here in the first place.’ ”

A punch was thrown, Godfrey said, after an Almont parent “bumped my player and (the player) bumped him back.” The parent punched the player in the face, before “my players started running to his aid.”

Police showed up, but zero arrests were made because, hey, the crimes were just against black people. School officials have the nerve to pretend they are shocked and shaken by the incident, releasing the following statement:

“The school district is deeply disturbed by the actions witnessed this weekend during the Almont-Denby game. Based upon preliminary findings, ‎it is our understanding that Almont adult spectators were cursing and spitting on our coaches and players after the game while leaving the field. The disrespect toward the city, school, and players continued on social media after the game where Almont fans used numerous racist stereotypes. We look forward to getting to the bottom of what occurred based on factual evidence to determine the district’s next steps on how to best support our school and its administration, coaches, and students.”

Police are still investigating.