Gaetz Faces Unbridled Backlash Over Foolish Trump Antics


Matt Gaetz has a real thing for Trump. No matter how much mockery or bad luck befalls him, Gaetz is an “ever trumper” for the indefinite future. Gaetz was even in attendance when the president got humiliated by boos and chants at game five of the World Series. There’s literally nothing he could see, including possibly te president being indicted and arrested once he leaves the White House, that could convince Gaetz that Trump isn’t the guy for him.

Gaetz is so special, in fact, that he took time out of his Thanksgiving holiday to respond to politician Ryan Mahoney making comments about him being a coward for Trump. Mahoney also made fun of Gaetz’s fashion victim wardrobe, which is the only thing Gaetz could really argue about.

Mahoney said this about Gaetz:

“Self-serving politicians who wear tight, acid-washed jean shorts and cowardly hide behind their keyboard can’t cut it in South Georgia.”

This is Gaetz’s reaction to being told he’s too scared to show his face in Georgia:

Gaetz was immediately mocked mercilessly for his ridiculous reaction the being called a coward. Could it be that Gaetz knows he has no argument for the coward remark, so he simply pretends he does’t hear that part?

Can he be THAT dumb?

Check out what people are saying online about Gaetz being a scared little b*tch: