GOP’rs Go Head-To-Head On Twitter Over Trump Devotion


Matt Gaetz has done something really stupid, and he’s not backing down any time soon. Gaetz seemingly took offense when the governor of Georgia refused to do what Trump wants him to do in backing a certain candidate. After news broke that Governor Brian Kemp was essentially giving Trump the finger, Gaetz almost instantly fired back with a threat to take Kemp out come reelection.

Gaetz said this to Kemp Friday after Kemp mocked him for being a fashion victim:

You all begged for @realDonaldTrump’s support. Now, you are directly acting in contravention to his request. And you think attacking the clothing of the President’s defenders in Congress is your next best play. You aren’t good at this.

Now, Kemp’s camp is hitting back at Gaetz. The team was quoted telling Gaetz to:

Inquiring minds want to know if you prefer flat front jorts, pleated jorts, or cargo jorts with room to put all of your Legos, Pokémon cards, and jellybeans. Oh…and mind your own business. We don’t know you and we don’t care what you think. #gapol

People went crazy on Twitter in seconds, and they had plenty to say about what was happening in Matt Gaetz’s very public career. Check out the responses below: