Ilhan Omar’s 2020 Opponent Suffers Humiliating Public Meltdown


Donald Trump has created an environment of hatred, especially during his campaign rallies. Only second to his rallies, his tweets encourage violence. As a result, his followers have turned to violent speech and actions, and this one was especially bad:

Fortunately, Twitter stepped up to the plate and banned Representative Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) opponent for 2020. Then, Daniele Stella went wild on a Facebook campaign saying “It is not a threat. It is treason.”

This all began with the Republican congressional candidate against Ilhan. Stella was banned from Twitter after saying Omar should be “tried for treason and hanged:”

‘Screenshot of Danielle Stella’s original tweet:

‘”If it is proven @IlhanMN . passed sensitive into to Iran, she should be tried for #treason and hanged:”‘

The New York Times noted that Stella was suspended for “repeated violations:”

‘The personal and campaign Twitter accounts for Danielle Stella, a Republican candidate hoping to challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar next year were permanently suspected for “repeated violations” of the platform’s rules, Twitter said on Saturday.’

Then, Stella fell off of the face of her flat earth in a Facebook rant:

‘There are MANY hypocrites rage posting here. Breathe, think this through, logically.
To clarify, I said, “If it is proven ____ passed sensitive info to Iran, she should be tried for #treason and hanged”. Treason is the only thing mentioned in the constitution for the death penalty, punishable by hanging or firing squad. I believe all involved should be thoroughly investigated. I did not threaten anyone. If you are calling it a threat- you believe that individual is guilty, and therefore it is not a threat, it’s treason. You and the fake news #MSM are lying by calling it Iynch ing or terroristic threats.
I believe all traitors to our Country need to be tried for their many crimes. I’ve been outspoken about HRC crime family, BH0, S0R0S and others as well.’

Stella continued saying that “you are making this into something it’s not:”

‘You are making this into something it’s not. You are making it about race, about religion, about anything but the truth.
While doing so, you are sending heinous comments, actual death threats, threats of bodily harm, threats to my friends, supporters, threats to post private photos, insulting/attacking my religion, intelligence, race, gender, mental health, physical health, appearance, labeling me with many disorders and diagnoses, and using very non-PC language to do so. What you’re doing is reprehensible and speaks to your flawed souls and damaged psyches.
The only death threats I’m seeing is from the angry liberal mob where facts don’t matter, only emotion, and you’re somehow thinking you’re righteous by threatening my life, my supporters’ lives, my loved ones lives? No, this is wrong. You are hypocrites.’

Finally, the candidate tried to divert the public’s attention from herself to comedian Kathy Griffin whose meme actually caused her repeated airport security checks and death threats:

‘The angry liberal mob does this frequently to our President Donald J. Trump and his family, and never are held accountable for your hatred, your violence, your many threats, or heinous posts like Kathy Griffin.’

Representative Omar responded to the “anti-Muslim dogwhistles and dehumanization:”

‘This is the natural result of a polittical environment where anti-Muslim dogwhistles and dehumanization are normalized by an entired political party and its media outlets.

Violent rhetoric inevitability leads to violent threats, and ultimately, violent acts:’

Facebook/Twitter went wild. Check out some of our favorites below:

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