Harris & Trump Spar On Twitter After Kamala Announces Drop-Out


The president couldn’t resist tweeting at Kamala Harris after she announced that she is dropping out of the 2020 presidential race. Trump often makes an ass of himself in times when he should be humbles, so most people were expecting a reaction from him in one way or another. What he wasn’t expecting is for Kamala to come back with such a zinger.

The president tweeted this Tuesday:

Kamala, being the badass she is, tweeted back at the president within ten minutes of his tweet going viral, and what she said has people flipping out on Twitter. Check out what Kamala tweeted below:

Kamala’s Twitter followers pounced at the opportunity to show the now former presidential candidate some love while punking the president, you know, a two for one. People are still going crazy on Twitter, but we found the top comments and saved them for you below: