Macron Harshly Silences Trump After Lame ISIS Joke (VIDEO)


Trump’s Tuesday morning appearance at the NATO Summit in London is going off without a hitch. We’re just kidding, nothing Trump does goes off without a hitch, including the NATO Summit, which has turned into a total disaster for America. Trump looks almost stoic, as if he may be under the influence of a mind-altering chemical of some sort, but he’s not so subdued that he can’t make jokes about the terrorist organization ISIS, which is responsible for death and destruction around the globe.

Trump’s joke, however, was quickly cut off by French President Macron, who cut the crap instantly. Trump then puts his head down, seemingly defeated, and nods in agreement.

It all started when Trump said this to Macron:

“Would you like some nice ISIS fighters? I can give them to you. You can take every one you want.”

Macron immediately said:

“Let’s be serious,” a stone-faced Mr. Macron replied. Mr. Macron said that he and Mr. Trump “don’t have the same definition of terrorism around the table.”

“When I look at Turkey, they are fighting against those who fight with us.”

After Macron was finished, trump pretended it wasn’t a jab at him, and said:

“That was one of the greatest non-answers I ever heard, And that’s OK.”

Whatever the hell that means. Trump is really good at doing this. You can tell by his body language that when Macron said “let’s be serious,” Trump shut down. He slumped, put his head down, and looked embarrassed. If he wasn’t so painted up, he probably would have turned red.

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