Schiff Uncovers Evidence Of Trump’s Scheme To Cheat In 2020 Election


The House Intelligence Committee just released its impatiently-awaited report. It details how Donald Trump tried to obtain information that would help him cheat in 2020 presidential election. The president wanted Ukraine to help him carry his plan out.

This report laid out the case for the president’s impeachment. The committee, led by Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), laid out “overwhelming” evidence against Trump. It proved, according to KTLA5:

‘Trump abused the powers of his office to solicit foreign interference in election for his own personal, political gain. No one is above the law.’

Schiff’s committee created a narrative about how the president dealt with Ukraine. “It included legal exhibits and telephone logs, according to sources.” The committee also included Trump’s refusal to cooperate with Congress. It also looked at the president’s “unprecedented stonewalling.”

The California representative was the spear-tip of the House’s impeachment case. His committee voted to move forward the process. From there, it went to the House Judiciary Committee, where the panel members can draft its articles of impeachment:

The impeachment inquiry uncovered overwhelming and uncontested evidence that President Trump abused the powers of his office to solicit foreign interference in our election for his own personal, political gain. No one is above the law. ‘

The Democratic report consisted primarily of the 17 witness interviews the committee heard behind closed doors. Trump sent in his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani to enter Ukraine as a project leader for this illegal operation. The committee uncovered a seven-step plan carry out this wide-ranged alleged conspiracy.

Giuliani’s ejection of the career Ukraine ambassador to Ukraine meant that the way was clear for the private attorney to carry out the operation. Schiff interviewed 12 individuals over a two-week time slot behind closed doors. Trump’s next step was to force Kyiv (Ukraine) to make public an investigation into his top rival for the 2020 presidential presidential election.

The report’s results contain both Ukrainian evidence of the crime and proof of systemic obstruction of Congress. House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Monday that the report

‘[O]utlines in considerable detail a scheme that began actually well before the recall of Ambassador (Marie) Yovanovitch, and was designed to further two political objectives of the President, which is an investigation into Joe Biden and an investigation into this debunked conspiracy theory that it was Ukraine that interfered in the last election, not Russia — notwithstanding all of our intelligence agencies concluding it was Russia, notwithstanding the fact that it’s actually Putin’s narrative that Ukraine did it, not us.’

Schiff added:

‘The President believed obviously this would help his reelection campaign, and he was willing to use the full force of his office to leverage Ukraine to do these sham investigations.’

Schiff gave a press conference immediately following delivering his committee’s report to the Judiciary Committee. The Judiciary panel is chaired by Representative Jerry Nadler (R-NY). It will hold its first impeachment hearing on Wednesday with legal experts.

Check out the  Intelligence Committee report.

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