Trump Attacks Schiff During Belligerent NATO Summit Tirade


Trump has spent the morning getting shut down by Emmanuel Macron of France, making up lies about Iraq killing thousands of protesters, ranting about Democrats and the pursuit of impeachment, and this one about oranges.

Try to ignore the irony of the type of fruit he chose to use..

Trump actually said that if Democrats are allowed to impeach him this time, that it will happen again to the next president, who will be impeached for picking an orange out of a refrigerator. Trump’s words were:

“You’ll have a Democrat President, you’ll have a Republican House, and they’ll do the same thing because somebody picked an orange out of a refrigerator and you don’t like it — let’s go ahead and impeach him!”

Trump also lashed out at Adam Schiff, saying:

“I think the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. If you look at impeachment, the word impeachment, here there was nothing wrong, nothing done wrong, it was a perfect conversation with a very nice gentleman, the president of Ukraine. The conversation was perfect.”

“And this is what you’re going to impeach the president of the United States on? The Democrats have gone crazy… they have to be careful because when the shoe’s on the other foot and someday hopefully in the very long distant future, you’ll have a Democrat [sic] president, you’ll have a Republican House and they’ll do the same thing because somebody picked an orange out of the refrigerator and you don’t like it.”

Trump continued:

“I would like them to testify but these are very unfair hearings. For the hearings, we don’t get a lawyer, we don’t get any witnesses. We want [Joe] Biden, we want the son, Hunter. Where’s Hunter? We want the son. We want Schiff. We want to interview these people.”

“I don’t want them to testify when this is a total fix,” he continued. “You know what a fix is? It’s a fix.”

“I think Adam Schiff is a deranged human being,” Trump said. “I think he grew up with a complex for lots of reasons that are obvious. I think he’s a very sick man. And he lies.”

Unbelievably, the impeachment process seems to be taking forever, when it’s been happening for only a few months, and we, as Americans, still have a very steep slope to climb when it comes to ridding the White House of the Trumps.

People on Twitter are in stitches over the fact that Trump chose an orange, of all the possible objects that would be in a refrigerator, as a metaphor of frivolous action against a president. Not to mention the fact that he is seemingly high off his ass.

Check out the responses to Bloomberg’s tweet below: