Trump Fabricates Lies While Speaking At NATO Summit (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is representing himself, clearly. Yet, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-CA) famously said “All roads lead to Putin.’ Given that lens on his actions, POTUS’ irrationality suddenly comes into focus. It appears that not only the president but his Senators, too, have been leading this country with Russia’s talking-point propaganda.

POTUS pointed to the demonstrations in Iran of people protesting the ever-increasing gasoline prices. Trump told us that these great protesters wanted to replace the country’s leaders.

With the impeachment hearings in full bloom, people were worried about what an untethered Trump would do at the 70th anniversary of NATO in London. Until now, he has been very critical of NATO. This time, he pulled a surprise move.

Thus far, he has been supporting NATO, according to news reports. That was totally out of character with his past criticism of member nations not paying their full percentage of their gross national product in the form of dues. Many countries have stepped up their giving after Trump’s criticism.

This time the U.S. commander-in-chief decided to show how busy at work he is. The way he chose to do that was by attacking French President Emanuel Macron. That was familiar with his playbook. He also used this bully pulpit to criticize Iran:

‘Iran is killing perhaps thousands and thousands of people right now as we speak, that it why they cut off the internet so people can’t see what is going on.’

Given his preference for strong men and for Russian president Vladimir Putin in particular, he seemed to be ginning up to move from hateful verbal attacks to possible physical attacks. on Iran:

‘Not just small numbers which are bad, big numbers which are really bad, and really big numbers … It is a terrible thing and the world has to be watching.’

What will Trump’s next move reflecting Putin’s strategy?

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