Trump Goes Off-The-Wall Crazy About Refrigerated Oranges At NATO Summit


The president is having a total meltdown at the NATO Summit in London Tuesday morning, and it’s about the most embarrassing thing to happen to America since the last time Trump spoke to foreign officials in front of cameras. The scary part is that this is what happens behind closed doors every single day in the White House, and no one does anything about it.

Trump has spent the morning getting shut down by Emmanuel Macron of France, making up lies about Iraq killing thousands of protesters, and ranting about Democrats and the pursuit of impeachment. Now, the president has moved on to a whole new rant. This one about oranges.

Try to ignore the irony of the type of fruit he chose to use..

Trump just said that if Democrats are allowed to impeach him this time, that it will happen again to the next president, who will be impeached for picking an orange out of a refrigerator. Trump’s words were:

“You’ll have a Democrat President, you’ll have a Republican House, and they’ll do the same thing because somebody picked an orange out of a refrigerator and you don’t like it — let’s go ahead and impeach him!”

Unbelievably, the impeachment process seems to be taking forever, when it’s been happening for only a few months, and we, as Americans, still have a very steep slope to climb when it comes to ridding the White House of the Trumps.

People on Twitter are in stitches over the fact that Trump chose an orange, of all the possible objects that would be in a refrigerator, as a metaphor of frivolous action against a president. Not to mention the fact that he is seemingly high off his ass.

Check out the responses to Bloomberg’s tweet below: