Pompeo Met Secretly With Republican Donors In London


Mr. Trump was in London this past week for the NATO Summit along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Pompeo has also been implicated in the impeachment report, suggesting that he extracted information from Ukraine which would politically benefit Trump.

It is now being reported that Pompeo had an off-the-books sit-down meeting with wealthy Republican donors while in London. This was not on his official schedule.

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According to CNN:

‘The gathering, hosted by the Hamilton Society, conveniently took place in the hotel where Pompeo was staying, situated in a small events space on the second floor. Pompeo slipped into the meeting, without the State Department alerting the press traveling with him about where he was headed or who he was going to meet.’

The Hamilton Society is composed of right-leaning American and British business professionals who often invite guest speakers. There is speculation that Pompeo is considering a Senate run in Kansas next year.

Attendees at Pompeo’s speech had to leave their cell phones outside the room to ensure he could not be recorded. One attendee said:

‘Everyone is right of center, so it was a safe space. (Pompeo) was very chatty, casual, and entertaining.’

Pompeo’s political intentions did not come up during Monday night’s meeting, but many people were talking about them after he left.

CNN reported:

‘Pompeo arrived at the meeting just in time for dessert and stayed for over an hour, according to the two attendees. Pompeo had spent the early part of the evening at receptions with world leaders at Buckingham Palace and Lancaster House.’

Mr. Trump also attended the event which was on his official calendar. The White House billed the event as a “roundtable with supporters.” The fundraiser was hosted by Trump Victory which is run by the Republican National Committee and Trump’s campaign.¬†The event was expected to raise $3 million.

Pompeo reacted to his implication in the impeachment report, saying:

‘I’ll answer only this, it’s just all wrong.’

While in his role as secretary of state, Pompeo has maintained ties to the Republican party and its donors. He has also met with well-known GOP donors in New York City. He has also kept close ties to the Koch network.

According to CNN:

‘Last month Trump signaled, for the first time, that he would give Pompeo an opportunity to dash back to Kansas if it benefited the Republican party. He reiterated that sentiment in London.’

Trump said:

‘He’s a tremendous guy, doing a tremendous job. You can never find anybody that can do a better job as secretary of state, but if we thought we were going to lose that, I would have a talk with Mike.’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that he wants Pompeo to jump into the Senate race. However, Pompeo has called reports that he intends to run “completely false.”

During a hearing in 2018 regarding Russian meddling, Pompeo stated:

‘President Trump has stated that he accepts our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. I know, I briefed him on it for over a year.’

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube