Republican Declares Herself Winner After Losing To A Democrat


Last month, in a tight race that came down to a spread of 14 votes, Republican Rep. Ashley Henley lost her bid for re-election to Democrat Hester Jackson-McCray.

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Democrat Hester Jackson-McCray (L), GOP State Rep. Ashley Henley (R)

Since the election, it appears that Henley is not ready to accept her loss to her opponent, and has decided to file an election challenge to overturn the win and declare her the winner.

According to Mississippi Today:

‘Henley filed the election challenge on Wednesday, according to a copy of the challenge obtained by Mississippi Today. In the petition, Henley writes that several findings of her ballot box examination show a failure “to adhere to proper election procedures to insure a fair and legitimate election” under state law.

‘Her specific grievances, based on a ballot box examination she said she conducted, include: A failure to collect voter signatures in one of the district’s six precincts and a lack of an incident report detailing why the signatures weren’t collected. She also alleges discovering: two uncounted paper ballots in which Henley’s name was marked; 11 names of voters who voted in a specific precinct while no records of their residency within that precinct could be found; voter signature receipts not being stapled to the corresponding pages of the voter receipt book; and several ballots being “unaccounted for/missing.”’

During an interview with Mississippi Today, Henley cited “several irregularities in voter signature collection, and ‘missing’ ballots.”

‘There were irregularities that happened, absolutely, documented, very much so that bring into question the legitimacy of the election results. That is without question.’

On Thursday, Jackson McCray dismissed the challenge as “nonsense,” stating:

Elections are elections. It’s not a guaranteed position. Anybody could come along and beat you. I just beat you fair and square. Hard work just beat you this time. She has the right to go through the technicalities, but I think if people read this notice she’s putting out, it looks like she’s arguing that her own party didn’t manage the election right. The election was run by Republicans. The DeSoto County election commissioners are Republicans. The Secretary of State is a Republican.’

So far, none of the State commissioners have been reached for comment, but we will keep you updated as we hear more news.

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