Trump Accuser Karen McDougal Takes Tucker Carlson To Court


Just prior to the 2016 presidential election, news surfaced about an adult entertainer’s one-night stand with Donald Trump. What received far less attention was a 10-month long affair this president had during the time that First Lady Melania Trump was giving birth to the Trump’s youngest son. All that is about to change.

The former Playboy model sold her story about her relationship with Trump to The National Enquirer. What she did not know was that POTUS was a friend of the owner, David Pecker owned the umbrella corporation that include The National Enquirer. Pecker bought the story for $150,000 then let it die.

Tuesday, Karen McDoubal announced that she has sued Fox News for defamation of character, according to The New York Times. She filed the lawsuit in a New york State court.

The network’s personality , Carlson, hosts the very conservative and Trump-friendly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News. This was what the host said about McDougal on air:

‘[I]t sounds like a classic case of extortion.’

Screen-Shot-2019-12-05-at-11.52.49-AM Trump Accuser Karen McDougal Takes Tucker Carlson To Court Corruption Featured Feminism Me Too Top Stories

McDougal’s lawsuit claimed that Carlson intentionally “defamed” her on air. It continued, noting that the show’s host had “falsely accused her of extortion” last year. In addition, he alleged that she:

‘Approached Donald Trump and threatened to ruin his career and humiliate his family if he doesn’t give them money.’

The former model’s lawsuit seeks damages from the network for impugning her reputation. However for reasons unknown, she left the natural defendant Carlson out of the lawsuit. The suit alleged that Fox was ultimately responsible for his televised comments. It added that Tucker’s “accusations were reckless and easy to verify as false.”

McDougal may be fighting an uphill battle given the First Amendment’s right to free speech. That was why such lawsuit have been hard to win in similar past lawsuits. In the end, most cases either have been dismissed, or the parties have settled. Of course, right at 90 percent of all lawsuits have been settled out of court.

Screen-Shot-2019-12-05-at-11.53.07-AM Trump Accuser Karen McDougal Takes Tucker Carlson To Court Corruption Featured Feminism Me Too Top Stories

The Fox Network released a statement about the lawsuit. In it, the network indicated it would “vigorously defend Tucker Carlson against these meritless claims.”

McDougal’s attorney Eric Bernstein said she had been “harassed, embarrassed and ridiculed” following what she saw was Tucker’s attack on her. The lawsuit read:

‘Media outlets like Fox News must learn that they can’t mislead for ratings. They hurt real people like Karen McDougal when they do so.’

The former model indicated that she met Trump at the Playboy Mansion in 2006. He was filming an episode of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice on site. Their illicit affair lasted 10 months. The reason she gave for ending it was her increasing guilt over Trump cheating on Mrs. Trump.

McDougal was locked into her deal with American Media, Inc., which owns The Enquirer.

‘Shortly before the 2016 presidential election, The National Enquirer bought the rights to Ms. McDougal’s story for $150,000 and then did not publish it, a practice to suppress damaging information known as “catch and kill.’

Tucker’s show in question aired on December 10, 2018, Tucker Carlson Tonight. He showed her photo and called The Enquirer’s payment “ransom.”

Bernstein wrote in this in the lawsuit:

‘No matter which version of Trump’s statements one believes, Trump never once claimed that he was “extorted” by Ms. McDougal.’

Her attorney added that a reasonable person viewing this show might consider McDougal was acting in a criminal manner. Berstein said that the Fox News host of Carlson and Fox News had not even performed “a cursory investigation” into the information it ran.

This lawsuit referred people to Fox News’ website where Carlson vents. Bernstein said Carlson was “the sworn enemy of lying.” Plus, it said that McDougal commented:

‘Remember the facts of the story — these are undisputed.’

McDougal said according to the  New York Times that the president tried to give her money after their first tryst. She told CNN’s host Anderson Cooper:

‘After we had been intimate, he, he tried to pay me — and I actually didn’t know how to take that. I looked at him and said

“That’s not me, I’m not that kind of girl.” What can you say except, “I’m sorry — I’m sorry.”‘

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