Trump Attacks Pelosi After Impeachment Articles Anouncement


Donald Trump has been showing remarkable restraint after several world leaders openly mocked him. The video of that event went viral. Now that POTUS is home, he quickly moved on to another more important matter.

The president tweeted that the “Radical Left Democrats” said they were going to impeach him “over nothing:”

‘The Do Nothing, Radical Left Democrats have just announced that they are going to seek to Impeach me over NOTHING. They already gave up on the ridiculous Mueller “stuff,” so now they hang their hats on two totally appropriate (perfect) phone calls with the Ukrainian President….’

Then, the man sitting in the oval office occasionally uncharacteristically parsed another tweet out for the public. He noted that impeachment caused the Republicans to become “never more…united:”

‘….This will mean that the beyond important and seldom use (sic) d act of Impeachment will be used routinely to attack future Presidents. That is not what our Founders had in mind. The good thing is that the Republicans have NEVER been more united. We will win!’

Possibly, the reason he has moved onto his impeachment was that it has been affecting him more than people realize. No president has ever wanted to be impeached, because past impeachments have gone done in history as a mark against a very few powerful American world leaders.

Twitter world went nuts. Check out these favorites below:

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