Fox Pulls Ultimate Trump Betrayal That Has GOP Spiraling


Fox News Hosts have so many differing opinions of reality, that they can’t even get a common narrative going. Is the president going down? Is the president the victim of a witch hunt? Is the president’s lawyer to blame? Well that is apparently the storyline being sold by Fox News Monday morning, and it’s bound to piss a lot of people off.

Host Steve Hilton made a call on Monday for President Trump to end his business relationship with Rudy Giuliani before the lawyer gets the president into some serious trouble by running his mouth. Hilton said this:

“You know what, I’m just fed up with the lot of them. Rudy Giuliani was a great mayor and a great leader, but he’s turned into an unmitigated and now it seems unethical disaster.”

“While President Trump has been trying to govern for the American people, all these hangers-on have been trying to make money for themselves off Trump.”

Check out the clip below:

Referencing a NY Times article in which it was revealed that Giuliani had tried to enlist even more corrupt Ukrainians as clients, Hilton continued:

“Before they completely derail this presidency and its substantive, historic policy results on China, the economy and much more, it’s time to dump these toxic chumps. They’ve really led President Trump astray and I’m just so fed up with it.”

People on Twitter went wild instantly at the thought of Fox News turning on one of their most frequent visitors. Would Fox even have the ratings they have if Giuliani didn’t go on the network during apparent mental episodes?

Check out what people said in the comment thread of the tweet above: