Trump Just Threw A Tantrum About Lightbulbs Making Him Orange


The president is insecure, and that is a character flaw that shines brighter than all his others. His insecurity makes him lash out at people over practically nothing, and sends him on ridiculous rants that usually get televised. Can you even imagine what happens behind White House doors?

Friday afternoon was no different, as Trump went off the rails about how mew lightbulbs make him look orange. Because it’s got nothing to do with the bronzer and tanning bed that he clearly uses to darken his very pale skin around his hairline.

This is what the president said, according to White House correspondent for Reuters, Jeff Mason:

According to Mason:

Trump quips that the new light bulbs don’t make him look good and being a “vain” person, that’s important to him. He says they make him look orange. He plans to bring cheaper light bulbs back.

You can check out the embarrassing video below:

People on Twitter went wild within seconds of these tweets being posted. The president has long-ranted about how energy efficient lightbulbs make him look orange just because he wants to reverse an Obama era rule that made old short-term bulbs old news.

He’s THAT petty..

Check out what people had to say below: