Gaetz Pulls Wildly Desperate Stunt At Monday Impeachment Hearing


Matt Gaetz is one of the most relentless Republicans when it comes to who is willing to be humiliated on national television, and laughed at by the entire world. Along with fellow simpleton Rep. Doug Collins, Gaetz has been attempting to disrupt the impeachment proceedings currently taking place in Washington.

Gaetz just threw a tantrum in a clear attempt to discredit the proceedings, but he was shot down immediately by Jerrold Nadler. Gaetz said this as Nadler was trying to introduce today’s first witness:

“Mr. Chairman! I have a parliamentary enquiry.”

Nadler shot back:

“I will not recognize a parliamentary enquiry at this time.”

Gaetz continued:

“Is this when we just hear staff ask questions of other staff?”

Nadler gaveled Gaetz for being out of line when Gaetz pulled this stunt:

“The members get dealt out of this whole hearing for the next four hours! You’re going to try to overturn the result of an election with unelected people.”

That’s when Nadler had had enough of Gaetz’s tactics. Raising his voice, Nadler said:

“The gentleman will suspend. The gentleman will not yell out and will not attempt to disrupt the proceedings.”

Check out the incident below: