GOP Hearing Witness Goes Viral Over His Embarrassing Prop


This Monday, House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump kept going with a public hearing featuring presentations by legal counsel for both Republicans and Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee. The GOP counsel and witness was Steve Castor, who — in line with some of his Republican colleagues — seemed woefully unprepared for pressure. In a detail that quickly made rounds on the internet, he even brought a reusable shopping bag for his notes — and despite resorting to this clearly mundane, unprofessional tote when on camera in front of the entire nation and anyone even outside the U.S. who might be watching, Castor would like us to take him seriously, flippancy and all.

One reporter joked that pre-hearing conversation involving Castor might have gone something like:

‘“hey you’re bringing your briefcase today for your nationally televised impeachment hearing right?”

“no no i’ll be fine with this.”’

The bag constituted yet another undercut to the already desperately wavering credibility of the GOP side. They, including Castor, have attempted to explain away President Trump’s attempt to get Ukraine to produce dirt on the Bidens in exchange for military aid as actually perfectly acceptable and nothing to be concerned about. Yet, the evidence remains readily available that implicates the president in this brazen abuse of power.

One of Castor’s outlandish points — which he got out after having to be reminded to use his microphone so that people could actually hear him — was that Trump’s demand for Biden dirt couldn’t be a political ploy because the former vice president wasn’t really a serious presidential contender. Biden obviously is and has been a serious presidential candidate, however — the GOP is just getting ridiculously desperate.

Barry Berke, who serves as legal counsel for the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee, asked Castor:

‘So sir, it’s your testimony that President Trump did not view Vice President Biden to be a legitimate contender?’

Castor replied, shaking his head:

‘I don’t know what President Trump believed or didn’t believe, but it was too early.’

This is the best they’ve got! Castor’s behavior went on — he repeatedly clearly refused to act in a basic professional manner, let alone deliver any systematic defense.

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